I’m Ready for You, 2016


5 and 5: My wishes vs resolutions:

*I wish that my friends and family members would never know serious illness, that they would each live to be at least in their 90’s, and when they pass, it would be in their sleep, their souls at peace.

*I wish empathy and compassion were emotions as vibrant and strong as those voiced in heated political or religious arguments.

*I wish that instead of it being easy to lose self-confidence and hard to regain it, it would be easy to lose weight and hard to regain it.

*I wish I could time travel to correct wrongs I’ve done to others and to better understand those who wronged me.

*I wish people would stop expecting creative work to be done for free.


*I resolve to write something, even if it’s just a paragraph, every day.

*I resolve to be grateful for every 24 hours I’ve been given.

*I resolve to say or do something to help lift another person up as soon as I recognize the opportunity.

*I resolve to not only say to people, “I’m here for you,” but to take action to prove it.

*I resolve NOT to give up dark chocolate or red wine or popcorn at movies or red nail polish or lipstick or eyeliner, because life is short and joy lies in both big and small matters.

I am ready for you, 2016.